Currently September

I am linking up with Anne and Jenna for this September edition of "Currently".

READING  nom nom paleo by Michelle Tam & Henry Fong and The American Heiress.  I mentioned The American Heiress a few posts back. So I won't go into more detail on that one.  nom nom paleo is excellent. Yes, I read cookbooks like they are a novel.  Am I the only weird one out there that does that.  Anyways, we have made two recipes from it so far and both turned out excellent.

MAKING homemade yogurt and lots of new fall/holiday goodies for the Etsy shop.

PINNING inspiration on what to with our scrap wood pile.  I have found a few holiday projects that should whittle that wood pile down in no time.

ANTICIPATING our crazy month of birthdays that kicks off at the end of September.  Little B, Wild Child and David all have birthdays back to back.  While I love the festivities surrounding those celebrations, they are a lot of work for this mama.  Makes me glad that my birthday is in April.

LOVING that college football starts this weekend.  Go Aggies!!!

Our Trip to Maine

This past July we took the most amazing trip up north to Maine. It is a bit of trek from Fort Worth, but totally worth it.  We mostly stayed around the Portland/Freeport/Yarmouth area.

This trip was wonderful for so many reasons. Our most important reason for going was to see one of my best friends, Tari, from college and her gorgeous family.  I had not seen her since I was pregnant with Little B.  So we were well past due for a visit.  Don't you just love friends that you can go without seeing for so long and then just jump back in where you left off.

Everytime I head up there, I am reminded that people from Maine know how to do summer right.  Everybody is outside as much as possible. There are HUGE vegetable and flower gardens in EVERY yard.  Their gardens put mine to shame. The farmers markets are amazing.  It seems like there is a different beach to explore every day.  And the seafood... Oh, the seafood is heavenly.  That is all that I ate while I was there.

On top of all that, we loved our family time with no work, no school, no responsibilities, or home improvement projects in the works.  It was the stuff that memories are made out of.

I have to admit that it was really hard to get on the plane to come home.  The triple digit temps back home did not help at all.  But I am so glad we got to spend the time we had there and hang out with great friends.

Okay, so if you are ever planning a trip up to Maine, here are the places that I would highly recommend:
  • Five Islands Lobster Co. -  People come for the lobster and the stunning views.  You sit at these huge outdoor picnic tables.  So definitely go when the weather is nice.
  • Downtown Portland - We got out and walked all along the waterfront.  Great seafood restaurants, cute ice cream shops that have been approved by Wild Child and Little B, and little boutique stores.
  • Any farmers market that you can find - definitely pick up some Maine blueberries.  The berries are much smaller than the ones we usually see in the store, but so much sweeter.
  • Any of the beaches - Depending on what you want to do, there is a beach for you.  Some are rocky, but deep and great for paddle boarding, jumping off rocks.  Others are sandy and have a more gradual slope making them perfect for the babies to play in the water. All of them are breath-taking beautiful.
For my next trip up  there, I really want to go in the winter - see if this Southern girl can tough out a Maine winter.  That trip will be comical if nothing else.  We joke that Tari will have to dress me and tell me everything that I am supposed to do.  So clueless about winter.  That's ok.  It would be a great adventure.

You Are My Best Adventure

I made this cute little hoop to hang in my girls' bedroom.  They are now sharing a room... which is a whole other blog post.  So anyways... something to hang in their room. 

In this house, we talk a lot about adventures.  Past trip adventures we have been on.  Food adventures. New school/new friend adventures.  Etc.  The list goes on and on.  Adventures are important to us. It is why my blog is named what it is.  Life is an adventure in all things.

One day Little B asked me what my most favorite adventure was.  I was a little caught off guard by the question.  But it only took a moment to know my answer.  My beautiful girls. Little B gave me my first adventure into motherhood and all of its humbling, heart-pounding, beautiful intensity.  And Wild Child... well based on her nickname, she is giving me adventures in all sorts of things.  But all kidding aside, these two girls are the best thing that I have done with my life.  They truly are my best adventure.

That is why this piece is my most favorite to make.  It was inspired by that moment with my beautiful little 5 year old. It means so much to me as well as any mama that I make it for.  For anyone that wants one of their own to keep or gift to someone you adore, you can find it in my Etsy store.

Friday Favorites - 1st week of School


We survived the first week of kindergarten!!! I am not gonna lie. This week has been bumpy.  Lots of new faces, changes to routine, etc.  My shy, reserved little girl is getting stretched in all different directions.  She is navigating through it in her own way. We are celebrating small victories every day. And while it is often hard to watch her go through it, I am so proud of her. 


Thank goodness for COFFEE!  Between the new routine and my stinkin' allergies, coffee has been my saving grace this week.  Enough said.


I feel like such a dork admitting how excited I am about first attempt at growing beets.  They have given us a steady supply all summer.  I am surprised by how low maintenance they are.  Your just throw in the seeds and watch them grow.  They have survived our epic floods and now our brutal heat.  When you pick them, they smell like that smell that comes just before a thunderstorm hits.  I love that smell.  They need to make a candle that smells like that.  I wonder what they would call it.



This sassy girl is definitely keeping me on my toes.  We affectionately call her Wild Child.  My friends have recently been teasing me because my right bicep is really defined because I am always quickly grabbing this child off of something dangerous or mischievous. 



Our basil is going bonkers!  I purposely grow a lot of it because we use basil on everything from pizzas to soup to salad.  It is so good. This latest harvest gave me 8 cups.  I used all of it to make freezer pesto.  Which let me tell you friends, if you have not made freezer pesto yet, you are missing out.  It is the best thing to pull out on a cold January day and put on top of chicken, fish, pasta (or spaghetti squash in my case).  I will post my paleo-friendly pesto recipe soon.


These bento-style lunch boxes are awesome.  We have used them since Little B was three and in preschool.  We usually pack all 5 days of lunches on Sunday night.  Makes life so much easier for this busy mama.    I love that these are dishwasher safe, very sturdy, and have different compartments, and fit perfectly in Little B's lunch box with an ice pak underneath. 

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