Things that make me say Woohoo!

Hanging out with this little Firecracker

Super Girl shirts - let's all activate powers together!

Orange Blossom Flourless Chocolate cake (recipe coming soon)

Our backyard secret garden

When we bought our house almost a year ago, the outdoor could best be described as a jungle.  I loved it in that green was everywhere and I could totally see the potential. Vines crept up around trees, the fence, other plants, the walls, and the roof.  The pecan tree looked like it was trying to swallow the roof whole. The plants under the pecan tree and surrounding the patio were taller than I am.

Little B thought our backyard looked like a place that fairies would live with lots of little nooks and hiding spots amongst the foliage.  I love her magical mind. But to a momma's eye, I saw thorns, weeds, mosquitos, poison ivy, trash hiding under dead leaves and plenty of hiding spots where you could lose a small child.  Our yard, while wild and beautiful in that rugged sort of way, needed a good taming. 

So bit by bit, I have pulled weeds, tore up invasive vines, and thrown away the most random trash (baby doll head, lighters, decomposed Notre Dame football, a hair brush, and other miscellaneous rubbish).  We have trimmed back the hedges and pruned the pecan tree up off the house.  And in doing all of that, I have uncovered the most heavenly rose bush, honeysuckle, and crepe myrtle trees.  All of that just waiting to be discovered.  It reminds of me of The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. How I loved that book growing up!

Taking a look at it now, there is still so much to do, but I am proud of what I have accomplished.  I have created a place where fairies and little humans can peacefully coexist in our little backyard secret garden.

Happy Easter

After many days cooped up inside due to rainy weather, the sun decided to grace us on this great day for an impromptu Easter egg hunt.  Poor Firecracker missed out due to nap time.  But we made up for it with a pre-coffee early morning Easter egg hunt inside the house earlier that day.

A cabin in the woods

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately...
~Walt Whitman~

Back in late January we headed up to a cabin in Oklahoma. How much we needed this amazing sanctuary in the middle of nowhere!  No distractions.  No hustle and bustle.  No internet connection and spotty cell phone service.  It was perfection.

Our cabin sat right on the river's edge (hence the name of the cabin - River's Edge Cottages).  David and I could have spent all weekend sitting on that deck.  However, it was not made to handle little toddlers who want to climb everything.  So we spent most of our time hiking, throwing sticks into the pond, and drinking wine by the fireplace.

David and I often dream of having beautiful land of our own.  I would have my amazing farm-to-table garden and host harvest feasts for friends, family, and neighbors.  Our girls would run wild and smell like sunshine. We would work hard every day. But it would the kind of work that leaves you satisfied every evening as you sit on the front porch enjoying the sunset.  We would build a few additional cabins tucked in amongst the wildlife.  These cabins could be a sanctuary for visiting friends, family, and any other world-weary soul that quests to live deliberately.